Climate Control

All the supplementary system operating in the greenhouse is computerized .The control system will control, command and follow up all the functions of the project .All the system can be operated in two ways: Automatically operated by the central control computer unit, according chosen program. Manually, thru the central computer unit or from the electrical board in the greenhouse. This system is based on the following properties: Digital controllers at the greenhouse level, one unit in each greenhouse. A central computer unit pc will command, control, follow up and store historical data of the entire project. Connected by wire to the greenhouses, for more reliability (UN wires is optional if requested). Included programmable alarms. Remote access is available by modem of internet. Functions to be controlled : Thermal screen, operated by temperature. Radiation and heating function. Circulation Fan: operated by temperature and humidity. 50’ Fan : operated by temperature and humidity Heating system: controlled by temperature. The central control system gives the on /of operation, while the heating system operates the flow regulation according the heating demand of the greenhouse. . Irrigation: full programming, control and operation from the central computer. Fertilization table: for automatic injection of fertilizers into irrigation water .based on a by –pass system, with its own electric pump. Venturi pumps inject the fertilizers stored in open plastic tanks .All function controlled from central computer. Ec/Ph controller: the fertilization table has it own EC/PH controller, connected to the central computer. Can be operated from the table itself of from the central computer