Cocopeat  substrate  market for SOILEESS  growers and nurseries. Coir- Cocopeat is used worldwide as a growing media for various hydroponics crops, nurseries, plant propagation, and bedding plants both in its pure form as well as in the many specialized mixtures suited for different growing regimes.

Coir – Cocopeat benefits

Benefits of the Coir (Cocopeat) as a growing media

  • Cocopeat is an organic material and its production is part of the many uses of the coco nut. When using Cocopeat for hydroponic growing the environment is not  harmed.
  • Cocopeat is an excellent substrate for root development and therefore transplanting can be made directly into the Cocopeat with no need for any further treatment or agent.
  • Unlike other soilless cultures, Coco holds high air capacity even when  completely saturated.
  • The drying duration of  Cocopeat is slower than many hydroponics mediums (not including Crush coir- cocopeat material), even though  Cocopeat holds more air when completely saturated.
  • With time the Cocopeat develops a high buffer capacity that will enable the plants to overcome a short time deficiency of fertilizers and water. The ability to choose a different fraction or mix of PelemixCocopeat enables the grower to choose the most suitable growing media that will give the best results in a given climate.

Growing substrate system

Growing Crop on artificial substrate for better and easier management and control.

  • Rooting: roots are spread and not confined to a limited area. They can seek and share water and fertilizers all over the trough space.
  • Climate and humidity conditions: better aeration, temperature moderation and humidity circulation.
  • Sterilization: it is easy and safe to sterilize the substrate.
  • Replanting: the previous crop is easily removed and new plants can be planted after sterilization.

The growing substrate system is base on troughs and coconut fibber substrate grow-bags.

  • Coconut fibber substrate, of the best international quality, duly disinfected in ready to use grows bags. Compressed fibber is already wrapped in polyethylene bags, ready to be posed in the troughs. Our offer is for  3/4″ Cocopeat is one of Pelemix’s leading products and it is recommended for use in hot climate regions  The 3/4″ sieving is exceptional in its ratio between air and water. Although the Cocopeat has adequate water capacity it also maintains a balanced air capacity as well. Pelemix’s pressing technology guaranties that the distribution of the different segmentations inside thegrowbag will be equal. By doing so, Pelemix creates a uniform growbag that allows air and water to be distributed equally in the growing mediaOne grow-bag per Meter  6 rows in a bay –total grow-bag in one bay=300unit multiply In the number of bays -10 =3000 unit per greenhouse
  • Substrate grow-bags hold on polypropylene troughs, 700 micron thick, black colour, UV stabilized, high chemical resistance .The troughs are easy to assemble, resistance to steam sterilization and 5 years warranty. This products’ sidewalls measure 6.5 cm and are supplied with a special clip to support the sidewalls of the gutter. The gutter itself measures 22 cm width for a single grow bag
  • For better drainage, troughs are supplied with spacer. For 1 greenhouse we are offering total of 3000m of 700micron black UV stabilize With 60 ¼ drainage outlet .