• Drive torques up to 120Nm at 50 Hz and 60 Hz mains frequencies
  • Rotation speeds from 1 to 5 rpm at 50 Hz, 1.2 to 6 rpm at 60 Hz mains frequency
  • Suitable for intermittent use, duty class s3-30%, duty cycle maximum 25 minutes
  • Fitted with 12-tooth 1/2″x5/16″ zinc-plated sprocket chain couplings
  • Manual drive enabled by means of hexagon in electric motor shaft
  • Electric motors are standard tropic-proof and conform to protection class IP55
  • Manufactured standard with 3-phase euro voltage motors, for use on mains  voltages of 400 V at 50 Hz and 480 V at 60 Hz (type A)

(also available in 3-phase and 1-phase electric motors for use on various mains voltages).

Side motor gearboxes

Motors gearbox for driving the cable screen systems

The RW400\600 series motor gearboxes are maintenance-free, compact power units for driving screen and flap ventilation systems in greenhouses.

All 400\600 series motor gearboxes feature a self-braking worm gear transmission. This transmission ensures that the output shaft is broken when the drive unit is stopped. The combination of carefully matched pinion and worm reductions results in a very quiet mechanical transmission. The 400\600 series motor gearboxes feature a patented integrated line air limit switch system with duty and safety switches having a great switching precision.

The maximum switching range of the limit switch system equates to 86 revolutions of the drive shaft. Using the optional installation set with potentiometer, it is possible to precisely feedback the positions of a drive system to a (climate) computer.


Pinion house unit for rack and pinions vents.

Vent motors are used for ventilation systems in plastic greenhouses.

Built for zinc-plated steel housing with hardened pinion, plastic tube bearing and slide block.